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- Leading by Example and Integrity.
- Infinite Growth? There is a better way.
- Freedom to create wealth on your own Terms. invests in the concept of Resource-Based Economy ( We serve as an agent that connects investors with innovators. We create common terms for both parties so they can work in synergy. is a system that generates consumer interest in The more people invest in innovation, the better the economic model is, the more people participate in the building of the future of such economy.

Resource-Based Economy - The Power of Sharing
Incorporated in United Kingdom with registration number 8812124. Our Incorporation Certificate.

 A Resource-Based Economy ( is a system which functions in the context of recycling patterns of resources and derives from the reference of physical and scientific laws of nature. wants to help the process of freeing the human from labour-for-income system which is restrictive of human potential and creativity. The economic model of is contributing in that direction. Our model is empowering innovators, investors and promoters. is a truly unique platform which provides powerful income generating systems through its cutting edge service and business development.

As an investor in you participate in a project that provides profit returns from investments in innovations. It has been found in studies that monetary rewards motivate innovation and creativity. Our project is here to increase the awareness of the necessity of automation of labour as main target for investing our members' funds. Expect more than 60% return per month from our program.
Below you can find a preview of our investment plans. We also offer 2 Level affiliate program (4% on level one and 2% on level two).
  • 150%
    After 3 Hours

    Basic Investment Plan
    Basic levels start at 150% ROI

    Basic Investment Plan

    Investments start at 150% ROI

    50% Hourly For 3 Hours
    Minimum Invest Is $1.00 - Maximum Invest Is $5,000.00

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  • 180%
    After 12 Hours

    Advanced Investment Plan
    Advanced levels start at 180% ROI

    Advanced Investment Plan

    Investments start at 180% ROI

    15% Hourly for 12 hours
    Minimum Invest Is $1.00 - Maximum Invest Is $5,000.00

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  • 400%
    After 50 Hours

    Premium Investment Plan
    Premium levels start at 400% ROI

    Premium Investment Plan

    Investments start at 400% ROI

    8% Hourly for 50 hours
    Minimum Invest Is $1.00 - Maximum Invest Is $5,000.00

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  • 600%
    After 100 Hours

    Ultimate Investment Plan
    Ultimate levels start at 600% ROI

    Ultimate Investment Plan

    Investments start at 600% ROI

    6% Hourly for 100 hours
    Minimum Invest Is $1.00 - Maximum Invest Is $5,000.00

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